Cases DC Logistics Brasil

Cases DC Logistics Brasil

CASE: Clube de Vinhos

Wine Club

Among DC’s most varied types of customers, a segment in particular stands out for its high demand in the logistics operation, are the wine importers. Some of our clients are suppliers of wine clubs of great representativeness in the domestic market, where we have a high demand, regarding the deadlines and quality of the product at the end of international transport. We have already had shipments and imports from all over the world, such as Russia, the United States and Greece, in addition to the already traditional wine producers, Italy, Portugal and other potential producers. The entire logistics chain is defined so that the products arrive in time to be distributed to all members of the Wine Clubs, and some requirements must be met, such as: Deadline for collection and shipment; Transit time within the stipulated deadline, without delays; Installation of thermal blanket so that the product can remain during the journey to the customer without losing its quality. These requirements above are of paramount importance in the import of wines, since the product is quite delicate and any unfulfilled detail can mischaracterize the imported product. We at DC have as a basic premise to always work so that the logistic operation happens fulfilling all the requirements of the client, such as deadline and operation before, during and after shipment.

Cases DC Logistics Brasil

Solar Panels

Meet one of our latest successful cases.

Cases DC Logistics Brasil


Controlled Temperature

One of the cases that show DC Logistics Brasil’s expertise in this type of operation took place in 2018. One client requested a project to import medical procedure supplies from Spain. With a weight of 316 kilos, the load required constant transport at a maximum temperature variation of -18ºC to 0ºC. The company’s team of specialists designed a transportation plan that ranged from withdrawal of the volume to delivery in Brazil. In order to maintain the integrity of the cargo, operational strategies were used, such as the use of an exclusive vehicle for transit and the inclusion of dry ice in the cargo, and negotiations with the companies involved to ensure that all care was taken. Warnings about the cargo and even a pre-alert on the GRU Airport system were managed so that there would be no interference with the imported material. With all these precautions and a step by step follow-up of the transport steps, the customer received the supplies with the guaranteed term and integrity. If the volume you need to import or export also requires extreme care and detailed planning, count on our team.

Cases DC Logistics Brasil

Beer Export

The export of Brazilian beers has moved the country’s trade. Until April 2018, the export of the product earned about US $ 31.8 million. An example of a Brazilian brewery that started to realize this investment was the Cervejaria Dado Bier, in Porto Alegre (RS). In October 2018, they made the first export to Denver, Colorado. Click on the image and see the video on this case.

Cases DC Logistics Brasil

DC and Tramontina partnership

In this video we show how DC performed logistics in excellence for our customer Tramontina. From the origin, in Italy, to the destination, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, we carried out the operation through a lot of planning and an efficient execution. Watch the video and understand the challenges that DC had to face to deal with bureaucratic issues and how we managed to meet the operation deadline even with the difficulties imposed by the fall of the Genoa bridge in 2018!

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