Apex and associations increase exports in 2016 and design goal is to reach $ 800 million

The new stage of six projects to promote Brazilian products abroad should expand sales of these items in almost 20% by the end of next year. Agreement signed between the Brazilian Agency of Promotion of exports and investments (Apex-Brazil) and six sectoral entities foresees investments of almost $ 31 million and exports of up to $ 800 million in 2016. In 2014, the exports of these projects totaled $ 640 million.

Three of the contracts were renewed this month have Arab countries as priority markets or as potential importers. Are the agreements signed with the Brazilian Association of refrigeration, Air Conditioning, ventilation and heating (Abrava), called Abrava Exports; with the Brazilian Association of articles and medical equipment, Dental, hospital and laboratory (Abimo), Brazilian Health Devices; and with the Brazilian Association of the industry of rice (Abiarroz), the Brazilian Rice.

Three other projects do not contemplate the Arab Nations among the potential markets: Brazil, Pet with the Brazilian Association of Pet Products (Abinpet); Filmbrazil, with the Brazil Association of production of audiovisual works (Apro); and Foodservice, Brazil with the Brazilian Association of equipment, ingredients and accessories for food (Abiepan).

According to the export Manager, Christiano Braga’s Apex, the new phase of the projects is more audacious, “the target for 2016 is to export up to $ 800 million. Is a more audacious plan and directed the diversification of markets, “said Braga.

He said the “beacon” for Brazil’s export projects is the National Export Plan (PNE), presented by the Government in June with a focus on increased sales abroad. “The National Export Plan is our lighthouse and guide the actions of trade promotion and diversification in focus. The Arab countries are part of this effort to diversify, “he said.

The project of Abrava resulted in exports of $ 321.5 million last year and the expectation is that the value up to $ 389 million in 2016. Among its priority markets are countries of Latin America and the United States, also focused on opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

According to the technical project manager Abrava Exports, Leila Vasconcellos, the partnership with Apex-Brazil is performed since 2004. In some stages of the project, the United Arab Emirates were a priority market. Associated enterprises participated in the Big 5 construction fair in Dubai, and conducted trade missions to Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, all cities of the United Arab Emirates.

“There is demand for Brazilian products of the HVAC-R sector (of refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heating), with lots of competition from companies from countries in Asia,” said Vakili. “For this phase of the project, will be a monitoring and monitoring of market dynamics and demand of products and opportunities for companies, this will be reworked,” he said.

The Brazilian project Health Devices, Abimo, has Saudi Arabia as one of the priority targets in-hospital physician. In the dental segment, the Emirates join the Saudis as importers of first importance. According to the data and forecasts of Apex, the program has exported $ 122 million in 2014 and should reach $ 139.6 million in 2016. The Saudis are among the priority clients also Brazilian Rice project.

Apex has 76 sales promotion projects with sectoral institutions. Through this initiative, companies participating in trade fairs and international events to promote and sell their products. The projects generally have duration of two years and at the end of this period are renewed or not.

According to Braga, in addition the PNE, the current exchange rate helps boost exports. However, he said that in order to internationalize and participate in sectoral projects, companies need to prepare. “Indeed there has been an increase in the amount of queries [export] here in Apex-Brazil. We are diversifying the dialogue with new audiences and also taking advantage of the favourable economic climate. But those companies that have participated in our actions are surfing the wave of better exchange rate, “he said.

Source: Apex-Brazil

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