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What to expect from post-pandemic international logistics?

2020 was a year of many changes around the world, and international logistics was no different. This is because the effects of the coronavirus pandemic reflected in the adoption of new strategies in many sectors. Now, as science and health advance in the search for solutions to combat Covid-19, experts share their views on what we can […]

Electronic Correction Letter CC-e: find out what it is and in which cases it can be used!

As in any document, the completion of electronic invoices is subject to possible errors. It is to remedy these misunderstandings and ensure the smooth progress of trade relations that the Electronic Correction Letter exists! Even with similar resources, such as the adjustment or supplementary tax invoice, the CC-e serves to correct specific fields more practically, in […]

Fruit exports: check out some of the necessary documents!

Fruit exports re a very profitable market for the national economy. To get an idea, according to the website Dinheiro Rural, in 2018 Brazil exported 877.5 thousand tons of fruits, both “in natura” and processed. Even though this represents a share of only 0.9% of exports of the entire national agribusiness, the sector has been showing […]

Maritime import: understanding damage and dirt in the container!

In the field of maritime imports, care for cargo and the transport process is fundamental. Often, for certain reasons, damage can occur, which compromises the integrity of the cargo and service. According to maritime law, damage is defined by any harm caused to the cargo or the ship during the journey, that is, between loading and […]

Understanding the CE Mercante and how it works!

The CE Mercante (Merchant CE) is nothing more than a method of tax control for maritime operations, which consists of a bill of lading informed electronically to customs authorities. Made through digital certification of the issuer, this is a process that aims to lessen bureaucracy, cheapen, facilitate, and accelerate the collection control, which previously depended on […]

7 tips to avoid delays in the clearance of goods!

In foreign trade operations, it is essential to have full logistical knowledge about the procedures, in addition to the laws and standards that govern the sector to avoid problems in the clearance of goods. Without proper efficiency in management processes, all planning can be compromised, imports can suffer from delays and worse, unnecessary costs can be […]

Air transport of batteries: check out some of the rules and important issues!

The transport of lithium batteries underwent changes in its legislation in 2016, as this material presents several risks due to its composition. Considered a dangerous article by ANAC, lithium batteries can cause situations such as explosion, emission of toxic smoke and flammable gases, among others. Thinking about the importance of understanding the specifications of this product, we have brought […]

Find out the best way to avoid the red channel in imports!

When dealing with foreign trade, the red channel in imports represents one of the most feared causes of delays, losses, and even legal problems with the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service. Any import procedure involves the supervision of Brazilian customs, which uses an intelligence system created in order to inspect and verify the accuracy of the data […]

Check out the 10 most imported and exported products from Brazil in 2019!

Knowing which are the most imported and exported products in Brazil is of utmost importance to know the demands and bottlenecks offered to businesspeople who trade with other countries.      Of extreme relevance to the world market, Brazilian foreign trade continues in full growth and full of opportunities. Check out the most imported and exported […]