Panorama of Brazilian exports

Brazil is a resource-rich country, and this can be very interesting for other countries that need to import products for local marketing. With its robust structure, Brazil has large-scale agricultural production conditions and becomes an interesting option for the rest of the world to invest in imports, due to the economic conditions it offers. But […]

Learn about Brazil’s GDP and how it may represent a good business opportunity

You are most likely reading this article because you would like to know what Brazil’s current GDP is. And we are going to give you that answer. At the same time, we would also like to provide you with an important caveat: regardless of whether there is an increase or decrease in Brazil’s GDP, there […]

Expectations for the import sector in 2022

Expectations for the import sector in 2022

The year is nearing its end and it is clear that the expectations for the import sector in 2022 are shrouded in mystery. What will the economy present in the year to come, especially at a time when the pandemic, little by little, seems to be receding? Moreover, you can’t forget that 2022 is a […]