DC Logistics Brasil with Complete Ceramic Tile Polishing Machine Shipment

With over 10 years’ experience handling special projects in Brazil, DC Logistics Brasil have moved a complete ceramic tile polishing machine from Italy to South Brazil. The shipment consisted of 2 loose pieces each weighing 33.5tns and measuring 16.90 x 2.40 x 2.40, 1 x 40′ flat-rack, 10 x 40′ OT and 2 x 20′ […]

Avocado exports may drive the foreign trade in the coming months

Considered a superfood by nutritionists and a gastronomic craze to critics from around the world, the Avocado is also a business opportunity. And it’s not just Mexico, country of origin of the product, with an eye on this market. Produced in southeastern Brazil, the fruit is rising the interest of countries in Asia and Northern […]

Brazil unveils fruit stimulus package

The Brazilian government has launched an ambitious programme to stimulate the country’s fruit exports and exploit new opportunities in high value markets. The Brazilian Fruit Development Plan (BFDP) will look at research and development, production systems, plant health, infrastructure and logistics, marketing, credit and risk mitigation and several other key areas in a bid to […]