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Having only imported less than 20,000 tonnes of raw sugar from Brazil during the whole first half of the year, Iran’s purchases from the country jumped to over 150,000 tonnes over the last few weeks as it reportedly looks to up its foreign purchases.

On 23 July, Britvic announced the acquisition of Empresa Brasileira de Bebidas e Alimentos (Ebba) for around US$188
million. Last year, Ebba held a 26.4% share in Brazil’s juice market which generated sales of R$6.6 billion (US$1.98bn),
having grown 9.9% each year since the start of the decade.

Brazil’s beef exports during the first half of the year reached 656,000 tonnes while revenues totalled US$2.7 billion, a 14% and 18% decrease from the same period last year respectively, although the industry’s as sociation still believes the second half of the year will see a turn around. The two biggest successes in terms of growth during the first half of the year were in shipments to Egypt, who purchased 28% more beef causing an increase of 25% in revenues, and the US, who bought 83% more beef resulting in a 61% increase in revenues.


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