Cuban government allows imports of agricultural genetic material from Brazilian companies

Brazil has opened another market to exports of poultry genetic material. The Cuban government informed the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA ) approval of control of the Brazilian veterinary service for inspection and certification of establishments producing fertile eggs and day-old chicks . The decision is the result of assessment “in loco” by Cuban auditors in January this year .

The approval was communicated by the Institute of Medicine of Cuba Veterinary . Thus, the Caribbean country is part of a group of about 50 countries in the Americas , Middle East, Africa , Europe and Asia regularly import poultry genetic material from Brazil and moved in 2015 worth approximately US $ 123 million .

According to the head of the Traffic Division of the Department of Animal Map Animal Health, Rodrigo Padovani, auditors Cuba already enabled a company from São Paulo to export the products. Other establishments interested in having access to that market should seek the ministry, which then will contact the Cuban government to ask for a new audit in companies in Brazil.

Health Excellence

In the approval letter, the Cuban veterinary authorities highlight the level of health excellence achieved by Brazilian poultry flocks. Also praised the structural conditions of the agricultural defense system in Brazil.

The Cuban government cites, as examples, the facilities and equipment of the laboratories used to carry out surveillance of poultry diseases and the technical and operational capacity to implement measures to control and eradicate diseases, in order to meet the recommendations of the Health Organization Animal (OIE).

In addition to health issues, the opening of the Cuban market is the result of investments made in research over the past decade, which allowed Brazil to develop high-value genetic lines currently almejadas by importing countries that need to improve the productivity of their herds.

Source: Mapa

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