Egg production of Brazil grows 6.1% and reaches all-time record of 39 billion units

Withdrawals made by the Brazilian Association of Animal protein (ABPA) show that the Brazilian production of eggs last year totaled 39.5 billion units, historical record that surpassed 6.1% registered in the previous year.

With the significant increase in production and heating of the internal market, the consumption of eggs in Brazil in 2015 reached 191.7 per capita units, 5.2% higher than the number retrieved from 2014, it was 182 eggs.

“The intensification of pró-consumo campaigns and the favorable domestic scenario the most affordable proteins contributed to achieve this which is the highest per capita consumption already registered for the eggs of Brazil”, says Ricardo Santin, Vice President of birds of ABPA and President of Instituto Brazil Eggs.

In 2015, the accommodation of producing birds (layers) came to 91.2 million head, number 2.5% less than the year 2014. Sao Paulo followed as main producer of eggs, with 31.77 percent of Brazil’s total. Secondly, Minas Gerais was responsible for 12.24% of the total. In third place was the Holy Spirit, with 9.73%. Fourthly, the Mato Grosso lodged 6.56%. In fifth position, with 6.25% came from the national total.
Source: ABPA

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