Expectations for the import sector in 2022

Expectations for the import sector in 2022

The year is nearing its end and it is clear that the expectations for the import sector in 2022 are shrouded in mystery. What will the economy present in the year to come, especially at a time when the pandemic, little by little, seems to be receding?

Moreover, you can’t forget that 2022 is a year of presidential elections and this influences the economic direction of the country.

In commercial terms, experts point out that the expectation for next year is to accommodate the price of commodities. But what else is coming? Check out this article to stay on top of it.

Trends in products for the import sector in 2022


The data show that imports in 2022 will follow the same pace as in 2021, driven by:

1-Chemical fertilizers;

2-Fuel oils and petroleum products or bituminous minerals;

3-Products from the manufacturing industry;

4-Medicines and pharmaceutical products;

5-Valves and thermionic tubes;

6- Telecommunications equipment;

7-Parts and accessories of motor vehicles;

8-Organic and inorganic compounds;

9-Other medicines, including veterinary;

10- Motors and non-electric machines.

importação 2022


Source: http://comexstat.mdic.gov.br/pt/comex-vis


With the fuel and energy crisis, petroleum products are likely to lead imports in 2022. Subsequently, medicines and pharmaceutical products will still have their protagonism, even with the most controlled pandemic.

Expected growth for countries

Market economic expectations for the coming year are marked by a period of turbulence. There is no shortage of reasons for this. The world still feels the effects of the pandemic, Brazil is living with high prices and an election appears on the horizon.

Still, in the midst of this scenario, it is already possible to get a sense of what 2022 reserves for the Economy, including in the import sector.

According to the OECD report, GDP growth projections are low and median for most countries. An example is China, which projects growth of 5.8% for 2022.

Countries in Europe such as France, Germany and Italy predict 4%, 6.6% and 4.1% respectively. The US projects 3.9% and Brazil with 2.3% growth.

The main highlight is India, which forecasts the highest percentage that reaches 9.9% for 2022.

Timid recovery trend for most markets

There is an expectation that there will be a slowdown in the world economy. This will influence the demand and prices of commodities exported by Brazil.

The acceleration of the economy in 2021 was a result of the advance of vaccination, the slight reduction of Covid-19 cases, the gradual reopening of cities and trade. However, next year, many believe that this breathing moment will be short.

High inflation does not point to a promising 2022 for the Brazilian economy, according to Agência Brasil.

Thus, the Central Bank will feel the need to increase interest rates, impacting the consumption of Brazilian families and the budget of companies.

The economy still predicts a lower growth in the population’s income. This low growth is motivated by the fact that unemployment is still high and that managers will gradually return to profits.

The hottest markets and imports in 2022

One hope for 2022 is that the influence of the problems related to the debt crisis in the Chinese real estate sector will be small.

A drop in the growth rate of domestic demand in China has everything to drastically decrease global GDP growth.

In this context, the most heated markets in the world economy, both for exports and imports in 2022, are expected to be in Europe and Asia.

However, for Brazil, the external sector will be the protagonist due to exports made possible by commodities and a strong demand from the United States and China.

As for the import sector, the expectation is good if the world economy gradually gets on track, returning to the pre-pandemic stage. Furthermore, imports in 2022 will help to warm the economy and will be essential to supply the domestic market.

Technology combined with logistics

In a market of uncertainties, the only promise is how much digitalization can help in logistics services, also bringing benefits to the export and import sectors.

With the use of software that allows you to trace routes, monitor products, interact with suppliers and choose the appropriate means of transport, it is possible to obtain satisfactory results in logistics services.

If the focus on digitalization is already essential now, the trend is to continue being in 2022.

It is possible to evaluate how Brazil’s economic scenario will be and imports in 2022

 The market will still be feeling the blows that Covid-19 has caused in the consumption of the population. In addition, there is the presidential election race, an event that normally shakes the market.

Sugar will be one of the products that will sustain the export segment and the expectation for the price of commodities is to suffer a reduction.

Therefore, the import sector in 2022 will still be able to breathe relieved, as it will have some good indexes.

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