Footwear exports up in pairs and values ​​and sector sees signs of early recovery

After three consecutive declines compared with the same month last year , exports of footwear may be coming in the expected recovery route . The dollar at higher levels , despite the exchange rate volatility , already shows effects – still modest – in shipments .

In April , the footwear exported 8.4 million pairs for $ 69 million , higher numbers both in pairs ( 11.7% ) and in value (0.8%) for the month four of 2015. With this in four months , exporters totaled 40.26 million pairs exported US $ 295.83 million, 2.7 % higher than in pairs and 4.6% lower in value in relation to the same period last year.

The chief executive of the Brazilian Association of Footwear Industries ( Abicalçados ) , Heitor Klein , points out that the slight increase in shipments compared to last April may indicate the resumption of shipments.

“Hopefully, with a definition of the political question, a stabilization of the exchange, which could give more consistency to a recovery in shipments over 2016,” Klein designs.

For Klein, the recovery in key markets for green-yellow shoes is another fact that lets you design a better year abroad.

Main national product destination since the first exports in the 70s, the United States imported 4.47 million pairs for $ 65.66 million in the first four months of 2016, numbers 22% higher in volume and 17.5% higher dollar in relation to the same interim last year.

Already Argentina, which recovered the second place among the destinations in 2016, recorded an increase of 102% on purchases of shoes, paying 52% more for products in the first four months. Between January and April, hermanos imported more than 2 million pairs for $ 25.73 million.

The third destination in the quarter was France, where they were exported 4.23 million pairs for $ 19 million, down 0.1% in volume and an increase of 1.8% in dollar terms in relation to the same period last year .

The main exporter of Brazil’s footwear remains the Rio Grande do Sul state which left more than 36% of the total generated in shipments in the quarter. Between January and April, the gauchos shipped 8.7 million pairs for $ 127.33 million, 48.2% higher than the number in pairs and 13% increase in revenue in relation to the same period last year.

Ceará was the second exporter in the period, accounting for 27% of the total generated in the period. In four months, the Cearense boarded 15.27 million pairs for $ 78.83 million, a 5% fall in volume and 6% in dollar terms in relation to last year. In the third, São Paulo accounted for nearly 14% of the total generated with shipments in the period. Between January and April, São Paulo exported 3.4 million pairs for $ 36.16 million, 25.8% increase in pairs and 15.8% drop in revenue in relation to the same period 2015.

The dollar at higher levels has also influenced imports. Between January and April, they entered the country 9.53 million pairs, for which they were paid US $ 120.25 million. The results are lower in volume (-33.2%) and dollar (-38%) compared to the same period last year.

The main destinations were Vietnam (3.64 million pairs for $ 64.4 million, a 35.7% fall in volume and 38.7% in dollars), Indonesia (1.44 million pairs for $ 25, 3 million, falling 40.2% and 43.2%, respectively) and China (3.67 million pairs for $ 15.47 million, 8% of falls and 31.2%, respectively).

In parts of footwear – leather, heels, soles, insoles etc – imports reached US $ 18.34 million in the quarter, 28.5% less than the same period in 2015. The main origins were Vietnam, China and Paraguay.

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Source: Abicalçados

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