Frozen export by Paranaguá grows 14% in 2015

The export of frozen meat by the Port of Paranagua recorded an increase of 14% in 2015. In all, were handled 1.91 million tons over the twelve months of the year, while in 2014 were exported 1.67 million tons of product.


The preference for Paranaguá for frozen exports has increased due to investments in operations and rail access logistics. Currently, the Port of Paranaguá is what is best for the railway reception containers from ports in Brazil. Thus, the Paranaguá became the national leader in the export of frozen.


“Rail transport is a more economical option for the producer. With lower costs for the disposal, Paranaguá was confirmed as the best option for the disposal of frozen meat, “said Secretary of Infrastructure and Logistics, José Richa Filho. He said the Ferroeste, for example, doubled its operating capacity due to the investments made in recent years.


The CEO of the Administration of Paranaguá Ports and Antonina (APPA), Luiz Henrique Dividino explains that investment in the modernization of the port were also fundamental to give more flexibility to the operations and boost the movement of such cargo, which in 2014 already I had presented 15.5% increase over the previous year.


“The state of Paraná is a major producer of frozen chickens, for example. To meet the demand of these customers, we plan wharf expansion projects and acquisition of new equipment to meet the standard of agility that the state’s production needs, “said Dividino.


Containers – The increase in the export of frozen was essential for the movement of containers continue growing in Paranaguá. In 2015, 786 000 were moved TEUs (unit equivalent to one 20-foot container), 3.7% higher than in 2014. In export, the increase was 2.5%, with 389,000 TEUs, and importing the growth in the year was 4.9%, with 396,000 TEUs handled.

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