Oil and gas output breaks record in August

Brazil’s total production of oil and natural gas in August added up to a daily 2.89 barrels equivalent per day (boe/d): 2.326 million barrels of oil per day (bo/d) plus 90.9 million m³ of natural gas everyday (m³/d). According to the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), this is the highest volume ever observed, surpassing the previous month, when the production of oil and natural gas amounted to 2.82 million boe/d.

ANP announced that the oil output also went beyond last month’s 2.267 million bo/d. There has been a rise of 2.6% in the oil output compared to July 2014, and 15.7% against August, 2013. Its natural gas counterpart was 3.4% higher than the rate reported in July 2014 (87.9 million m³/d), and 18.1% above the figure for August 2013.
The presalt production expanded 11% compared to the previous month, totaling 647 thousand boe/d, or 533 thousand bo/d and 18.1 million m³/d of natural gas. The production stemmed from 35 wells, located in the oil fields of Baleia Azul, Baleia Franca, Jubarte, Barracuda, Caratinga, Linguado, Lula, Marlim Leste, Pampo, Sapinhoá, Trilha and in the areas of Iara and   Entorno de Iara.
The use of natural gas in the month stood at 95%, and its burn rate at 4.549 million m³/d—an increase of approximately 1% against the month before, and 38.5% against August 2013. The main reasons for the increase in the amount of natural gas burnt were the platforms P-55 and P-62, located in the Roncador Field, which has recently become operational.
Source: Agencia Brasil

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