Sector of energy is the main focus of Tecon Salvador

With great expectations in handling project cargo, especially in the transport of equipment for wind power generation, Tecon Salvador sees the industry an opportunity to develop the domestic market. “Brazil has become a major player in the field of wind power generation and therefore becomes increasingly competitive, with the attraction of new businesses,” said Patricia Iglesias, which recognizes the country a second wave of significant investments in energy sector, including solar, which has been composed with the wind in the construction of large fields where coexist the two sources of energy. the year was also marked by investments, such as the machinery purchased for baking beans, focusing on containerization grains especially soybeans, besides the good figures recorded in the export of fruits São Francisco Valley. The region has an annual production of over one million tons of fruit, 80% of mangoes and grapes. “Tecon Salvador currently holds a 40% market share of São Francisco Valley fruit handling,” says Patricia Iglesias, Commercial Director of the terminal. 2015 The results, especially the wind loads, led the – terminal and the Port of Salvador – to ensure its place as a major player in the regional market. Was due to the large amount of movement at the end of 2015, Tecon Salvador requested renewal that extends the concession until the year 2050, and was published in the Official Gazette a decree on preliminary approval of the application. The process is currently under review in Antaq (National Agency of Waterway Transportation). Another executive bet for 2016 is the operation of Brazilian ports. She said the cabotage achieved interesting results in a year marked by crisis and becomes one of the big bets for this year. “This is because, in this context, the fight is not against the economy but with road transport. The charge exists, our challenge is to bring her to this modal performing the operations by sea. ”


Source: Guia Maritimo

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