Singapore expands number of approved Brazilian chicken producers

Singapore has granted four Brazilian slaughter houses to export
chicken to the country, and one to export pork. Currently,
Singapore is among the four largest buyers of Brazilian pork and
among the ten largest chicken importers. The approved chicken
slaughter houses included two JBS units and one Frango Pioneiro,
in the state of Parana, plus Vibra Alimentos, in the state of Minas
Gerais. The pork producing unit belongs to Cooperativa Languiru,
in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The number of vessels waiting to load sugar at Brazilian ports fell
from 29 to 17 over the last week, according to Williams, a ship
agency. 499,000 tons are scheduled to load, out of which 45% will
be loaded in the port of Santos, 44% at Paranagua, and 11% at

Brazilian beef exports reached 1.3 million tons between January
and November 2016, exceeding 2015 volumes over the same
period by 1.7%. Revenues, however, fell 6% in the same
comparison, to US$5 billion. According to Abiec, an industry
association, exchange rate variation has been largely responsible
for the drop.

Brazil’s autoparts trade balance has registered a US$4.9 billion
déficit between January and November 2016, a 14.2% drop than
that registered in the same months of 2015. Exports reached
US$5.98 billion while imports stood at US$10.9 billion, a 14.8%
and 13% drop respectively. Argentina remains the main
destination for Brazilian exports, at 28.5% of the total.

Source: Datamar

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