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Guide: Step by Step to perform import operation

Ebook Case: Operation FG Big Wheel (Ferris Wheel of Balneário Camboriú)

Infographic: Fruit export

Download the free infographic now and learn all about the opportunities in this commodity! Get access to information that will help you take advantage of this scenario to cultivate more results.

Case: Air import brings parts for WEG to produce artificial respirators!

DC Logistics Brasil carried out the air import of several parts for the production of artificial respirators.

Case: Urgent transportation of yellow fever vaccines with charter flights from DC Logistics Brasil

Download the charter flights case and understand how we were able to overcome the challenges of operating with this service!

eBook: Incoterms 2020

Understand the changes to Incoterms and the scope of the terms!
Tabela Incoterms 2020

Table: Incoterms 2020

Understand the changes and responsibilities of each part of the operation!

How to choose the best modal for product logistics?

Main information about transport modes and their characteristics.

Invoice e Packing List

4 important information you need to know.

IMO 2023 - Main Impacts on international maritime transport

Download our ebook to see details about IMO 2023 and understand the importance of this action for the environment and our future.
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