Health certification model makes Brazil the largest supplier of fresh eggs to Japan

Brazil is the largest supplier of fresh eggs to Japan . In the first two months of this year , they imported 805 tonnes of the product, being 680 tonnes from Brazil. This corresponds to 84.6 % of the total volume . Revenue was $ 1.084 million .

In 2015 , Brazil was the first time , the main supplier of eggs to the Japanese , with 530 tons , equivalent to 35% of total imports .

According to the agricultural attache in Japan Marcelo Mota , growth in exports occurred after the definition of a model health certificate for support for exports of products , agreed in August 2015 .

The Brazilian health certification is based on the fact the country has free trade breeding stock of important poultry diseases for the sector , such as avian influenza and Newcastle disease.

According to Mota, the good figures show the possibility of opening and market expansion for Brazilian agribusiness products not traditionally present in the export list . ” Diversification, associated with quality and competitive price of domestic product, must be taken into account to increase the range of access products to high income markets ,” he said .

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE ) , Brazilian production of chicken eggs was 2.92 billion dozen in 2015 and increased by 3.5 % compared to 2014 .

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