Wood exports: DC’s area of expertise!

Wood exports continue to perform well in Brazil, which provides many entrepreneurs with additional leverage and the opportunity to achieve excellent results.

DC’s wood products are sold in a range of formats and are customized to meet the needs of the international market. Our products include:

  • raw wood,
  • sawn wood,
  • furniture.

Although we are experiencing a period of decline in the export of wood products due to the extensive global inventory that was formed during the Coronavirus pandemic and an increasingly delicate global economic scenario, forecasts remain positive.

According to the Indian consulting firm Mordor Intelligence, the timber market will grow at a CAGR of 4.1% per annum through to 2028.

CAGR refers to compound annual growth rate, and great results for the period are expected under this index.

DC Logistics Brasil is extremely well-versed in this market and related international logistics processes and is able to guarantee that operations involving timber exports are a success. Keep reading to learn more about the wood industry below!

The Brazilian timber export market

As previously mentioned, the Brazilian timber export market is currently experiencing a downturn; however, studies suggest that changes lie ahead and new opportunities will soon emerge for those closely following the market.

The Americas is becoming increasingly important for Brazil. The domestic markets in this region are major consumers of Brazilian wood products.

This can be observed in countries such as:

  • Mexico,
  • United States,
  • Chile,
  • Argentina,
  • Uruguay,
  • Peru.

Business success in this area requires consistent international logistics processes that allow demand to be met in agreed upon periods, as well as attention to operational details, since these processes involve the shipment of several containers.

Heavy tested” storage equipment, which refers to reinforced containers capable of supporting increased higher weights, are therefore fundamental to successful operations.

Types of wood exported throughout the Americas

As previously mentioned, in addition to exporting raw wood products, Brazil also distributes furniture and processed products throughout the Americas.

The main types of wood that Brazil exports include:

  • eucalyptus,
  • pine,
  • ipe,
  • itauba,
  • cumaru.

Mexico can be highlighted as one the countries whose expectations have been exceeded by Brazilian exports.

Brazil has become increasingly relevant within the context of the Mexican market, offering high-quality furniture that meets the needs of the North American nation’s middle and upper classes.

By participating in International Trade Fairs held in Mexico, our industry has been able not only to consistently make inroads into the domestic market in that nation, but also carry out business with importers in Central America, as well as the United States and Canada.

Timber exports: DC’s area of expertise!

DC Logistics Brasil is highly specialized and well-versed in logistics processes that involve the exporting of wood.

In addition to selecting tools that are suitable for this type of export, DC maintains healthy relationships with shipowners responsible for heavy tested containers — relationships that help facilitate operations and ensure they run smoothly.

This expertise has allowed DC Logistics Brasil to ensure that the volume of cargo exported to countries in the Americas continues to grow annually, effectively contributing to our customers’ operational logistics processes and the success of their operations.

In addition to adapting and complying with existing legislation and import market regulations, it is essential that logistics processes be carefully planned when transporting wood.

With nearly 30 years of market experience, DC Logistics Brasil is able to use its extensive logistics structure to assist your company, and invites you to request a quotation today and learn more about our work. If you are already a DC customer, speak with a specialist now or access DC CLOUD to receive a quotation today. We are here to meet your logistics needs!

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