Avocado exports may drive the foreign trade in the coming months

Considered a superfood by nutritionists and a gastronomic craze to critics from around the world, the Avocado is also a business opportunity. And it’s not just Mexico, country of origin of the product, with an eye on this market. Produced in southeastern Brazil, the fruit is rising the interest of countries in Asia and Northern Europe.

Data from 2017 indicate that more than 80% of the production is sent abroad. Avocado variations finished the last year among the 15 fruits with the highest export volume in Brazil, with an increase of 58% compared to 2016. The shipment abroad starts in the coming months and, after quality in the field, logistics is one of the most important steps for business profitability.

Jeferson Boschetti, a specialist in fresh and frozen cargoes of DC Logistics Brasil, says that Avocado’s transportation has strict technical aspects which is fundamental for export. “For being a very sensitive fruit, it is necessary that the shipment happens in refrigerated container preference in cnt controlled atmosphere, providing an ideal environment for the preservation of the quality of the fruit during transportation. And this question involves planning: precise calculation of the transit time in relation to the fruit shelf life, the temperature control during the course and the detailed monitoring of the load so that there are no significant losses,” he explains.

Hence the importance of hiring a specialized company for the operation.In the case of DC Logistics Brasil, monitoring happens since the removal of the empty container. “We begin the process by reserving space with the Shipowner who will transport the cargo, transport the unit to the port of embarkation, unload at the port of destination / release and delivery to the final customer,” Jeferson explains.

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