Exports of chicken and pigs reach highest monthly level in 2016

Brazilian exports of chicken and pork have high 2016, second consecutive surveys made by the Brazilian Association of Animal protein (ABPA).

Chicken, whereas all products (fresh, salted, sausages and processed), 403.4 1000 tonnes were exported in March, 15.6% higher than the volume obtained from the third month of the previous year.

With this result, the foreign exchange balance compared to the same month of the previous year returned to stay positive after nine months, 0.9% in revenue recorded in March 2015. In all, were $ 584.3 million. The increase is even more significant in the real balance of 19%, totaling 2.1 billion R$.

Year to date, were shipped 1.04 million tons in the first quarter, amassing high of 12% for the first three months of 2015. In real, the growth of 26.8% over the same period compared with R$ 5.8 billion in 2016. Already the Exchange was 6.3% balance inside, reaching $ 1.491 billion this year.

“The balance Board in March is the second largest ever recorded in the history of the industry, and allowed the foreign exchange result of reverse shipments made. One of the major highlights is China, both for poultry and pigs, as a consequence of the increase in the number of authorized plants last year. Other markets such as Japan, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Russia also expanded their purchases “, says the Vice President of the ABPA, Ricardo Santin.

Already exports of pork, considering only products in natura, reached 1000 56.7 tonnes in March, 85.1% higher than the balance achieved in the previous year.

With this performance, the exchange rate was 30.9% balance greater than the obtained in the third month of 2015, reaching $ 99.1 million. In real, reached 54.5% increments, with 367.1 million R$.

Year to date, 139.7 1000 tonnes were exported pork in natura, 82.9% more than in the first quarter of 2015. Foreign exchange revenue, the accumulated growth is 25% with $ 247.2 million. Already in the recipe in real, there was increase of 68.7%, with R$ 961 million.

“The monthly result of March is a historical record in shipments of pork meat in natura. Several have elevations in shopping destinations. To Russia, for example, expanded its imports in 75%. Hong Kong, Singapore and China also presented strong lifting “, says Francisco Turra, ABPA Executive.

The total numbers of exports of pork (including processed) will be released by the ABPA the day 11 March in press conference to be held in Porto Alegre (RS).

Source: ABPA

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