Port of Santos beats expectations and 6 monthly record year drive

Santos-the port of Santos surpassed in October for the fourth consecutive time the mark of 11 million tons of cargo. The volume of 11.31 million recorded was 10.4% higher than the 10.24 million t operated in October last year.

In the first 10 months of the year the port handled 99.96 million t, 3.50 million t in the total operated over the same period from 2013, when was registered the annual record of handling, and 6.70 million t of 2014 (93.25 million t).

The ceo of Companhia Docas do Estado de São Paulo (Codesp), Alex Oliva, points out that, given the results obtained until October, the port of Santos registers, this year, a new annual record. “Once again, the provision of facilities to suit all types of loads allows the port complex santista point growth in its drive, demonstrating consistency in results in adverse economic scenario,” said the President.

Exports showed its best result monthly history, with 8.42 million t, 20.2% over October 2014 (7.00 million t). Is the second highest monthly export movement, getting only August this year, when they were disposed of 8.59 million tons. Imports recorded a fall of 10.9% compared to October 2014 (3.23 million t), with the mark of 2.88 million t.

Corn and boosted the movement of general cargo port. With 2.78 million tons, an increase of 51.8 percent over the same month of 2014, the corn was the burden of more surgery. In the last three months (August, September and October), the agricultural commodity overcame the mark of two million tonnes monthly, being the top three brands of the product for the period.

The second largest product handling in October was sugar, with 1.99 million t, an increase of 9.6% compared to October 2014 (1.82 million t). Also stood out in exports the soybean complex, room product of greater movement on the month, with 1000 t 489.17, representing a rise of 87.9 percent over the same month of 2014 (260.28 1000 t); alcohol, with 1000 205.85 t busy and increase of 181.9 percent compared to October of last year (73.03 1000 t); and cellulose, with 1000 t 326.76 and 11.1% increase in the month.

The imports include sulfur, with 1000 tons, increased 209.56 36.3% compared to October 2014 (153.75 1000 t); caustic soda with 1000 t 81.72, 8.0% increase in the month about 2014 (75.64 1000 t); and salt, with 1000 t, 80.24 129.7 percent increase on the month.

Cumulative movement

The major brands in the cumulative movement of cargo from January to October 2015 were export products. The soy complex stood out with 17.14 million t, an increase of 7.1% over the same period to 2014 (16.00 million t). The second busiest product was sugar, with 14.72 million t, increased 2.4% compared to last year (14.38 million t). The corn comes next with 10.56 million t, increased 70.4% compared to 2014 (6.19 million t). Fuel oil reached 1.97 million, an increase of 9.9% t.

On imports, the main product unloaded was the compost, with 1.97 million t. the number represents 32.1% drop for the period in relation to 2014 (2.90 million t). Follow the sulphur (1.65 million t, increased 12.5%) and salt (1000 t 826.12, an increase of 10.5%).

Containers and ships

Movement of containers keep increase year to date, with 3.18 million, 4.2% growth of yours in relation to the first ten months of 2014 (3.05 million teu). In October, the movement was of 335,900 yours, 0.5% drop compared to the same month last year (your 337,421).

The flow of ships registered fall in both the month and the year to date, featuring the frequency of larger ships in the port of Santos. In October 2015, were 430 moorings, 2.9 percent less than in the same month of 2014 (443). From January to October were 4301 moorings, against 4334 in 2014 (fall of 0.8%).

Balance of trade

The port of Santos remains as the main input and output of the Brazilian foreign trade, with the participation of 27.3% in total in the country. The movement in the Santos port complex was $ 84.3 billion from January to October, a national total of $ 308.8 billion. The participation of Santos in the movement of export cargoes was 26.3% ($ 42.2 billion) and 28.4% on imports ($ 42.2 billion). Brazilian exports totaled US $ 160.5 billion and imports $ 148.3 billion.

In trade for the port of Santos, China was the main trade partner of Brazil, with participation of 21.7% on imports (US $ 9.14 billion) and 15.2% in exports (US $ 6.42 billion). Then comes the United States, with presence of 15.8% on imports (US $ 6.67 billion) and 13.4% in exports (US $ 5.64 billion). Third country imports with greater participation is Germany (9.3%, corresponding to US $ 3.94 billion). The 3rd country with greater participation in exports through Santos was Argentina, with $ 2.60 billion, equivalent to 6.2% of the total.

The main cargo exported through the port of Santos, in relation to commercial values, was the soy complex (grains and bran), with $ 4.95 billion, corresponding to 11.8% of the total. Of these, 9.8% were for China, followed by Thailand and South Korea (about 0.5% each), plus other 17 countries. Then the coffee, with 9.4% share (US $ 3.97 billion), for the United States, Germany and Italy, plus other 79 countries; and sugar, with 7.6% ($ 3.22 billion) for China, Bangladesh and Egypt, as well as for other 60 countries.
On imports, the main charges were: insecticides ($ 634.41 million), from mainly the United States, Belgium and France; gear boxes ($ 554.5 million), imported from Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and other 21 countries; third, fungicides, with $ 440.94 million. The origins were France, United Kingdom, United States and 15 other countries with less participation.

Source: Codesp/port of Santos

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