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Green Solutions: Developing together with Partners Committed to Sustainability

DC works with air, sea and land transport partners that implement strategies aimed at minimizing environmental impacts throughout the entire supply chain.

Shipping companies have committed themselves to reducing CO2 emissions per ton-kilometer by 30% by 2025. In order to meet these targets, carriers are investing in ships powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and fuel-saving technologies such as methanol, ethanol, ammonia, and electricity. Additionally, they are using automated sails to further reduce environmental impacts.

These actions comply with regulations and objectives established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). IMO, a United Nations (UN) agency responsible for establishing safety and security standards for maritime transport worldwide, implemented new regulations in 2023, IMO 2023.

These regulations state that sulfur dioxide emissions originating from ships must be reduced from 3.5% to 0.5%. These new rules aim to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by approximately 77%, which is equivalent to approximately 8.5 million tons, in addition to reducing waste generated by burning.

Certain airlines are already leading the way within the aviation industry with regards to sustainable initiatives. These companies are flying using biofuels, investing in fuel-efficient aircraft and offsetting carbon emissions produced during flights.

Road transport companies are converting their delivery fleet to gas vehicles, significantly reducing carbon emissions in urban areas. 

Here at DC, we rely on partners that commercialize the offsetting of carbon through the sale of Carbon Credits, offering the appropriate certifications and methodologies to ensure a high quality of services. Get in touch with our specialists today.

Learn more about Plantio DC, a company initiative aimed at generating positive impacts for the planet!

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